International Student Organization (ISO)

International Student Organization (ISO)
brings students from different cultural backgrounds together with the intent of promoting diversity and fostering fellowship between students and faculty. The ISO also represents student needs and wants regarding adjusting to a new atmosphere and culture. Finally, we provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas that will benefit the Ashford community.

To qualify for membership, you must:

  • Hold an F-1 Student Visa, issued by a United States Immigration Consular 
  • Be a student at Ashford University's Clinton, Iowa campus 
  • Be attending no less than 12 and no more than 18 credit hours per semester
  • Have paid the student activity fee

Each member must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.75.
For more information, please contact the faculty advisor, Richard Markham, at

President: Julius Oteng
Vice President: Craig Butcher
Secretary: Juliana Roque
Treasurer: Damil Reyes
Event Coordinator: Luis Castillo
Public Relations: Nuno Gourgel

Pictured above right, International Student Organization 2012-2013 officers: front row - Julius Oteng, Juliana Roque, and Craig Butcher; back row - Damil Reyes, Fuad Agoro, Luis Castillo, and Nuno Gourgel.

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