University Fellows Program

Ashford University is committed to supporting its faculty in the pursuit of world class academic research and scholarship. To this end, we are pleased to offer faculty the opportunity to secure internal grant funding via the Ashford University Fellows Program. All full-time and associate faculty members at Ashford University are encouraged to apply. Grants offered through the Ashford University Fellows Program range from $5,000 to $10,000. The Ashford University Fellows Program funds faculty scholarship in the following areas:

  • Research that promotes teaching and learning
  • Research that furthers the understanding of the nexus among teaching, learning, and technology
  • Research within established disciplines at Ashford University

Does your research project require funding from the Ashford University Fellows Program to proceed?

University Fellows Program Application Process:

1. Visit the University Fellows Program website for important information on current requests for proposals and program policies.

2. Complete and provide the following documents with the research proposal by the stated application due date:

  • Proposed Faculty Research Project Approval with required signatures
  • Disclosure of Financial Interests in Research form
  • C.V. for each faculty investigator (Please provide in the format specified in the Proposal Submission form.)
  • Completed Proposal Submission form
  • Budget justification

3. Submit your completed research proposal electronically to by the stated deadline.

4. Mail one hard copy of the research proposal with required signatures to: Ashford University, 13500 Evening Creek Dr. N, Suite 600, San Diego, CA 92128, Attention: University Fellows Program.

5. Grant recipients will be required to submit their proposals to the Ashford University Institutional Review Board and awards are contingent upon IRB approval. If your proposal is dependent upon UFP funding, please do not submit your proposal to the IRB until after you have received notification of receipt of an award.

Institutional Review Board Process

1. Complete the Proposed Faculty Research Project Approval (if applicable)

2. Consult the Institutional Review Board (IRB) manual.

3. Undergo IRB training and obtain the certificate of completion. Then email a copy of your certificate to

4. Complete the following documents (if applicable) and email to




University Fellows Program