Dollar General

Ashford University is proud of our alliance with Dollar General.

All eligible Dollar General employees who successfully apply to and attend Ashford University will receive:

  • 15% tuition grant
  • Technology fee waiver
  • Free required course materials for their first course
  • Prior Learning Assessment fee waiver for evaluated Dollar General trainings

For detailed instructions on how to submit the required documents to ensure you receive your alliance benefits, please visit our eligibility page.

Dollar General is proud to offer a Tuition Scholarship Program to its employees to further their education and help to achieve their career goals. Tuition scholarships up to $4,000 are available to qualifying employees per calendar year. Scholarships can be applied towards either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program. Visit DGme for more information. To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the tuition scholarship application and submit it via email to


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