Corporate Relationships

If you don’t develop your best people, someone else will.

The best way to engage your employees is to give them an educational opportunity. Choose Ashford University to provide your people with professional development. Employers trust Ashford University to empower their employees in an increasingly mobile and demanding age. Ashford offers relevant online courses to teach the skills that matter most in your -business.

Ashford's online degree programs complement your training initiatives. At Ashford, we take pride in understanding the challenges you face, and aligning courses with those needs. Your alliance with Ashford comes with several benefits that prepare your employees to succeed.

Leader Development Grant

If your company offers partial tuition reimbursement, the Leader Development Grant will cover all of your employees’ required education costs. That means your employees can earn a degree without student debt.

ForbesTM School of Business

Your employees will become highly effective in the global business environment. As students of Forbes School of Business, they will have access exclusive speakers and a vast curated library from Forbes Media.

Dedicated Support for You and Your Employees

A unique partnership website will showcase your education benefits, share thought leadership, and highlight relevant degree programs.

Bottom line: your employees can advance their professional development anywhere, anytime. School comes to them.

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