Alliance Benefits

Ashford's online degree programs can complement your training initiatives. Or you can use the University's online courses as stand-alone resources for your organization's academic development.

At Ashford, we take pride in understanding your business needs, the challenges you face, and aligning courses with those needs and challenges. Your alliance with Ashford includes several complimentary services that prepare your employees for success.

Add Value to Your Training

Training Evaluation

Ashford will evaluate your organization's training programs, workshops, and industry-relevant certifications to determine if they qualify for college credits at the undergraduate level at no cost to you. In some cases, students can transfer up to 90 approved credits, including a maximum of 75 non-traditional credits, toward their Bachelor's degree, which reduces the cost and amount of time they need to graduate.

Align with Your Education Initiatives

Skills in Demand

An Ashford representative will work with you to understand the skills that are critical to your organization, and tailor an education path specifically for your needs.

Invest in Your Future

Affordable Tuition

Maximize your tuition assistance program through tuition grants and fee waivers. Ashford also offers a direct bill program.

Attract and Retain

As an employer, you have options for recruiting talent. Finding ready-to-work recruits is one of the biggest challenges you face. Ashford graduates are known for their work ethic, determination, diversity, and the wide variety of experience that they bring as non-traditional learners. In addition, Ashford graduates are located across the United States, eliminating geographical challenges faced when recruiting at traditional campuses, where graduates may not wish to relocate.

Dedicated Support for You and Your Employees

A unique partnership website will showcase your education benefits, share thought leadership, and highlight relevant degree programs.

Through interactive discussions and strategic workshops, you have access to subject-matter experts with real world experience.

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