FAQs About Financial Aid for Online Colleges & Courses

Financial Aid
Eligibility to Apply
Application Process for Financial Aid
Renewal of Financial Aid
Other Payment Options
Other Important Internet links/Contacts/Resource


Financial Aid

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What is financial aid?
What types of grants/loans are available?
What are the interest rates and fees for federal student loans ?
When do I become financially responsible for my tuition?
Can I use the Ashford University Mobile App to check on my Financial Aid Status?

Eligibility to Apply

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What are the eligibility requirements to apply for financial aid?
How is eligibility determined?
How much money will I be eligible to apply for?
If I'm not eligible for any Subsidized loan amounts, will I be able to get a higher Unsubsidized award?
What determines if I am a dependent or independent student?
What if I have unusual circumstances concerning my dependency or financial status?
Do I need to register with the Selective Service to receive financial aid?
What if I have defaulted on a student loan? Can I receive financial aid?
What is a consolidation loan?
What if I have a bankruptcy?


Application Process for Financial Aid

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How do I get my financial aid application started?
What is a FAFSA?
If I need help filling out the FAFSA, who can I contact?
What is verification?
What is the MPN?
What is Entrance Loan Counseling?
How long will it take to receive notice of my award?
How do I submit my financial aid documents in the most efficient way?
How can I expedite the process?
What is a Credit Balance Stipend?
Am I eligible to receive a credit balance stipend?
Why did I receive a credit balance stipend when I have a balance due from a prior Academic Year?
Who can I contact if I have a question pertaining to my credit balance stipend amount?
Can I sign up for direct deposit?
How will I receive a stipend if I do not have a checking account?
Can I receive my check by overnight mail if I pay for the shipping costs?
What is the customer service number for Tuition Management System (TMS)?


Renewal of Financial Aid

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Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?



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What are my repayment options?
What are my responsibilities as a borrower?
What if I can't afford my student loan payments?
When do I have to start repaying my loans?
What are grace periods and repayment periods?
What will happen if I withdraw from or drop a course?
What is a Return to Title IV (R2T4)?
What if I owe a balance to Ashford University once I'm no longer in attendance?


Other Payment Options

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How do I apply for scholarships?
When is my payment due?
How do I make a payment?
Will I get a receipt for each payment?
How can I receive an invoice for employer reimbursement?
Will I receive an invoice?
Will I receive an invoice if I have selected financial aid as my payment option?
Can I receive an invoice for administration fees?
Why did I receive an invoice for a class I already paid for?


Other Important Internet Links/Contacts/Resources

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Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
To apply for financial aid, call 800.433.3243

US Department of Education PIN
To apply for a PIN, call 800.433.3243

To request copies of Federal Tax Returns & W-2's, call 800.908.9946

Selective Service Registration
To confirm registration status call, 847.688.6888

Social Security Administration
For corrections and requests of benefit statements, call 800.772.1213

Direct Lending Customer Service for Students
Call 800.848.0979

Financial Student Aid Glossary