Financial Aid Resources

The idea of going to college can certainly be daunting. To help you in your planning process as you maneuver through all of the decisions surrounding such a significant direction to take your life, the US Department of Education has created This site is a one-stop resource which provides information about: 1) why you should pursue a college degree, 2) how to get started, and 3) ways to pay for your education.

Keep your personal information safe by managing your identity. Being vigilant may help you avoid being a victim of fraud or identity theft. If you would like to learn more, you may visit the Federal Student Aid webpage.

The benefits of a college education can far outweigh the costs. Since funding your education can sometimes be a challenge, you should know the net price of your degree program before you start. It's designed for full-time undergraduate students, both at the Clinton campus and online, who are seeking their first degree. The Net Price Calculator will give you a clear estimate of how much it costs to graduate from Ashford University. Please visit the Net Price Calculator for more information.

Ashford University knows that students face a difficult task in deciding where to enroll for higher education, and that understanding the cost of college—and how to pay for it—can be daunting. Too often, students are left without a clear explanation of what the costs mean or how they compare to other colleges, and as a result, many students leave college with debt that they didn’t fully understand at the time they entered school. Ashford University is committed to ensuring that our prospective students are aware of the financial investment they are making from the beginning and have adopted the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet to assist in making an educated decision on where to attend school. Ashford University is proud to increase services to students and their families. The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, part of our commitment to increasing the quality of information for prospective students, will allow you to see simplified financial aid information in a standardized format from a multitude of colleges and universities.