Travel Warnings: The US Department of State's strongest advisory that is issued when the Department, based on all relevant information, decides to recommend that Americans avoid travel to a certain country.

Ashford University (University) has established requirements about how, when, and where University students may study abroad in consideration of issues of terrorism, war, disease, and other risks to travelers. The US Department of State (DOS) periodically posts advisories called "travel warnings" for countries that they deem to be unsafe for Americans. It is the University's policy to follow the official travel warnings issued by the US Department of State:

Accordingly, when the DOS issues a travel warning for a particular country, the University will suspend approval of, and terminate all ongoing study abroad by Ashford University undergraduate students of any nationality in that country during the period of time that such a travel warning is in effect. No University undergraduate student is permitted to embark on a university-sponsored or university sanctioned study abroad program in the affected locale, region, or country, nor are University sponsored programs, including short-term faculty-led programs, permitted to depart for the start of the program, as long as the travel warning is in effect.

In the event that a travel warning is issued while an undergraduate student is participating in a University program already in progress in an affected area, that program will be terminated under the guidance and direction of the DOS, International Studies Office, program director, host or provider, if applicable. If the undergraduate student is participating in a non-University study abroad program, decisions for termination will be made by the host institution in concert with the DOS, program director, host or provider, if applicable. If an evacuation or departure order is issued by the DOS, evacuation of undergraduate students will occur under the direction of the American embassy in that region. It is the undergraduate student's responsibility to be informed of appropriate refund policies for his/her program, should a program be suspended or cancelled due to the issuance of a travel warning.

Exemptions to the policy may be granted by the International Studies Office to individual undergraduate students participating in non-University programs per student petition and additional waiver and release of liability. The decision of the International Studies Office will be final.