Appeals FAQ

I received a letter from the Student Community Standards office with the outcome of my Informal or Formal Hearing outcome, and I disagree with the findings. Can I appeal?
You have the right to appeal the outcome of any hearing. To appeal, you must complete the Appeal form and send it to Joseph Allen, Director of Student Development and Engagement, at You must send the appeal within three (3) business days of receipt of your hearing outcome letter. In the appeal letter, it is important that you specify the reasons why you are appealing and why you disagree with the hearing outcome.

What do I do if my appeal is approved?
The Student Community Standards office will contact you with a new Formal Hearing date and time along with the relevant evidence related to the misconduct.

What do I do if my appeal is denied?
The sanctions made by Ashford University will stand.

For a more in detailed description of any information provided on this page, please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the Ashford University Academic Catalog.