Campus Pals

Campus Pals is a group of students who meet on Mondays from 3 pm - 5 pm in the Chapel to mentor at-risk middle school students. They help with homework, have an after school snack and play games with the students who come to the Clinton campus as part of the Clinton Community School District's Study Connection program.

Members receive training in dealing with students with behavioral issues and/or learning disabilities. At Campus Pals the middle school students have the experience of being exposed to life on a college campus, positive role models and the additional education support that they need. The college students also reap the benefits of the relationship by having a young person who looks to them for guidance. Ashford mentors help the mentees develop a more positive attitude toward school, achieve higher grades, improve their relationship with adults and peers, better express their feelings, and develop higher levels of self-confidence.

The college students set an example by doing their own homework along with the middle schoolers. The younger students ask for help when they need it and the older ones check over homework when it is completed.

Periodically, the group takes educational field trips.

Requirements: There are no prerequisites for participating in Campus Pals. You simply need to fill out an application. For more information, contact Gabrielle LeBlanc at ext. 7004 or at

Mission: To mentor at-risk students. Our aim as mentors is to support and encourage these students to succeed in school and in everyday life.


President: Caitlin Geise 
Vice President: Arthesian Tillery
Secretary: Sharyl Murphy
Treasurer: Matt Berg

Pictured above right, 2012-2013 Campus Pals: Front row - Katie Flaherty and Breah McBride; second row - Sharyl Murphy, China Fletcher, and Caitlin Geise; third row - Marcellus Thomas, Matt Berg, Jimiya Smith, and Vernetta Hayward; fourth row - Arthesian Tillery, Devin McFields, Johnny Bell, and Ulysses Turner.

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