Jennifer Zaur
Jennifer Zaur, MA

College of Education

Jennifer Zaur is a full-time faculty member focusing on courses in Early Childhood Education in Ashford University’s College of Education. She has a BA in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Language and Literacy, both from Arizona State University. She taught various grades at a Mesa, AZ elementary school for years and also served as a reading interventionist, mentor to other teachers, and an instructor of professional development workshops. She believes that daily reflection is essential for a teacher to be able to evaluate his or her effectiveness and better meet the needs of students, adding, “It is not until your students know that you care about them that they will care how much you know.” She is thrilled to be a part of the Ashford team, saying, “Ashford has created an amazing online community where students can receive a quality education from talented educators. Students are part of a community of learners who are seeking knowledge to become the best they can be in their field.  They form relationships not only with classmates, but with instructors who are dedicated to seeing them be successful.” She advises students to ask for help, communicate often with their instructors, and keep a calendar of due dates for each class. Ms. Zaur lives in Gilbert, AZ with her husband and their three children.