Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell University

Bachelor of Science, Brown University

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Benjamin  Sandler

Benjamin Sandler, PhD

College of Health, Human Services & Science


Dr. Benjamin Sandler has had a lifelong interest in chemistry, ever since he built a chemistry lab in his basement as a teenager. He attended Brown University for his undergraduate studies, and as a PhD student at Cornell did research on the silkworm moth’s fantastically sensitive antennae, which can detect a single molecule of sex pheromone. For his PhD thesis he became the first person to determine the structure of an insect pheromone binding protein, and this work continues to serve as the basis of research on olfaction in the biochemistry community. As a postdoc at the University of California San Francisco, he performed research on prostate cancer and did a teaching internship at San Francisco State University. After teaching chemistry as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, he taught biochemistry at Oklahoma State University while developing his “Math as a Second Language” teaching methodology. He now happily teaches general chemistry at Ashford University while pursuing his scholarship on teaching.