Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley

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Gary  Heath

Gary Heath, PhD

College of Liberal Arts


"I love to do ongoing research for my classes."

Dr. Gary Heath is a Professor within the College of Liberal Arts at Ashford University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts, and a PhD from University of California at Berkeley. He has contributed over 20 years of service to Ashford University. "I feel privileged to serve at Ashford. The small classes and my passion for sociology and liberal arts make an excellent chemistry for committed, effective teaching. I love to do ongoing research for my classes." Dr. Heath also loves to read and write. His recent works include a book of short stories about Ashford University and the co-authored "Gifts From Decorah Laurah," a novel constructed around a plot featuring Abraham Lincoln and the Winnebago Indians of the Minnesota Territory in the 1860s. These books have "added zest and growth to my recent professional and creative life." His Harper and Row book, "The New Teacher," articulates his educational philosophy of social scientific inquiry and cultural progressivism. Heath's courses include: Racial and Ethnic Groups, Public Policy and Social Services, Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Social Justice and Society, and Sociology of Sport.