Barbara Bellani

Barbara Bellani

Barbara  Bellani

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2008
Real Estate Agent

"Since completing my degree, I have more than doubled my income."

In her early 20's, Barbara Bellani had a rock 'n' roll lifestyle in Manhattan working for a music management company that handled such notables as Aerosmith, the Scorpions and Joan Jett.

When that job ended, she returned to school and completed her AAS degree and then turned to the opposite extreme from her previous job and took a teaching position in a Catholic school.

From there, Bellani made her way through various jobs in corporate America and moved to South Florida. For the last five years, she has made her living as a realtor and loves living in Florida, but she wanted something more. "I missed the challenge of corporate America and being responsible for change. Deciding to get my BA degree was a decision that I knew would influence the salary I could eventually command, not to mention add to my skill level. I had always regretted not completing my education. It was something that I kept putting off, yet the regret was always with me. In my thirties I thought it was too late. In my forties I finally caught on. It's never too late!"

Bellani gives credit to her enrollment advisor, Jason Lutz, for helping make her decision to attend Ashford University one she didn't regret. "He helped me every step of the way and eliminated all of my newcomer nervousness. I am so grateful for his compassion and assistance throughout the entire process. Jason took me from just thinking about the prospect of enrolling to making it a reality."

Barbara has found that being enrolled in the online classes at Ashford was easier than she expected since she's able to manage her time around her demanding yet flexible schedule as a realtor. She was surprised to find that many of her classmates found themselves at Ashford for many of the same reasons as she did. "There are so many adults who, like me, beat themselves up for years over never completing their educational goals. I meet people who are anywhere from their twenties to their sixties and they all are looking for the same personal fulfillment that I am."

She's happy that her husband has expressed a desire to follow in her footsteps. Also, one of her co-workers is in the same state of mind as she was before enrolling at Ashford. She doesn't think it will be long before they both enroll, especially after seeing how quick and easy it has been for her.

When asked what she plans for the future, Bellani answered, "I have so many options that will become available to me that I'm not quite sure what to do first. I may want to pursue a career in upper management, or perhaps teach for a year or two. Rather than concentrate on career goals, I'm very seriously thinking of continuing my educational journey and moving forward to get my Master's degree. My thirst for knowledge and self-improvement are my primary goals."

But for now, Barbara Bellani is relishing the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that has come since she started at Ashford. She even feels that she has become a better realtor thanks to now having a more well-rounded life experience.


Barbara graduated with her Bachelor's degree in February 2008. Now, at 50 years young, she is living in Margate, FL and is a real estate agent at Re/Max. "Ashford gave me a better business acumen, a heightened skill level, and a never-ending thirst and passion for knowledge and achieving goals. Since completing my degree, I have more than doubled my income. I thrive on success!"