Jennifer Naeve

Jennifer Naeve

Jennifer  Naeve

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2011
Marketing Specialist at a Medical Center

"Mommy is getting As, too!"

To say Jennifer Naeve, 36, of DeWitt, Iowa, is a motivated person is an understatement, largely because her motivation is of the rare variety that is also contagious. A wife and mother to two children (Grace, 6, and Tanner, 8), and a Marketing Specialist for Mercy Medical Center, Jennifer is also an active member of her community. “I have a passion for volunteering and giving back to the community. I was the PTO president of my children’s elementary school, and I currently serve on several committees." She is also organizing and hosting a benefit in her neighborhood to raise money for St. Baldrick’s, a non-profit organization dedicated to childhood cancer research.

Like many adults, Jennifer attended several colleges and actually earned enough college credit to constitute a degree, but never earned an official Bachelor’s degree. “I truly love what I do and have been very fortunate to get the position I currently hold, but I know if I want to grow in the organization I need a Bachelor’s degree. Plus, if anything happened to my current position I would need a degree to be marketable. I have tons of experience and connections, but you need that degree, as well."

Jennifer chose Ashford because it is located in the same city as her work: Clinton, Iowa. “The program gave me the opportunity to transfer as many credits as possible, making my goal of a degree attainable." For Jennifer, the greatest challenge of returning to school was learning to manage her time. “Being a full-time employee, a mom, and a wife who runs a home, as well as a volunteer and a person who loves spending time with friends and family, going back to school was and still is an adjustment." Fortunately, Jennifer has a wonderfully supportive husband, and has the added motivation of setting an example for her children. “I expect the best out of my kids and through this college experience I have been able to show them that I have the same standards for myself. I always let them see my grades so that they know Mommy is getting As, too!"

Today, Jennifer is halfway through her program and should graduate with her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management in the summer of 2011. “I have a true sense of accomplishment every time I finish a class. It was a big decision to go back to school, but I am so glad I did. I cannot wait until I cross the stage." After graduation, her plan is to continue in her current position. “I love what I do; my degree just gives me a security net and the chance for promotion."


We are delighted to celebrate Jennifer’s April 2011 graduation, and to announce that she achieved Summa Cum Laude honors and has been inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society. Jennifer is still happy with her position at Mercy Medical Center, and feels pursuing her degree has had a positive impact on her professional life. "The knowledge you gain from going to school can be implemented every day in all aspects of your life. My degree also gives me peace, knowing I have the skills to be promoted or to market myself in the future."