Jeremy and Linda Phillips

Jeremy and Linda Phillips

Jeremy and Linda Phillips

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2008

"I thought I'd be overwhelmed, but I found my routine quickly, and it worked."

Jeremy and Linda Phillips of Oak Hill, OH got a lot more than they expected when they began attending Ashford University. They both completed their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degrees in 2008 - Linda graduated in March, and Jeremy in November. But by enrolling at Ashford, they didn't just get an education - they got each other.

Jeremy tells the story of how their relationship began: "I met Linda in our online Comparative Religions Course here at Ashford. Our ideas clashed and so did we. Somehow our first impressions changed, and the discussion board posts led to emails which led to phone calls which led to meeting which eventually led to marriage."

They were married on September 22, 2007 and Linda moved to Ohio with her three daughters. "Who would have thought I would finish my Bachelor's and find a husband at Ashford?" Says Linda, "He is the most thoughtful, caring, and loving husband. Thank you, Ashford!"

Besides a shared love for learning, both Linda and Jeremy are passionate about making a difference in their communities. Jeremy works with troubled teens, both through his church and as a Supervisor of Corrections Officers at the South Central Ohio Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Linda says she is committed to inspiring others "who think they cannot finish school - women who were maybe early mothers, displaced homemakers, and women who just think they can't. I want to be able to use the knowledge I have obtained to help them get out of seemingly 'no hope' situations."

As an honors student, Linda already had many options she could pursue. "I had called quite a few online universities." In fact, she had already registered for classes at another university in Michigan before discovering Ashford. What had her change her mind? "If it hadn’t been for my Admissions Counselor, I probably would have moved on to another school. She made me feel comfortable with my decision to switch from the in-class experience to the online experience. Going to Ashford allowed me to keep my kids close and to be available for them."

Adjusting to Ashford's online class format proved easy for Jeremy. "I'm surprised how quickly the classes went," he reports. "I thought I'd be overwhelmed, but I found my routine quickly, and it worked." Best of all, Jeremy found many like-minded students with similar interests. "I was surprised to see how many other students are really making differences in the people around them." 

Since graduation, Jeremy earned a second Bachelor’s degree in ministry. Linda started substitute teaching after graduating from Ashford, but stopped after having her fourth child. She plans to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling once the little ones are in school.