Kenleen and Peter Pringle

Kenleen and Peter Pringle

Kenleen and Peter Pringle

Kenleen Pringle
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2012

Peter Pringle
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2012

“Without Ashford’s top-notch online program, I would not have been able to complete my degree.” – Peter Pringle

Investing time in one’s future can be quite a commitment, but Peter and Kenleen Pringle are steadfastly looking forward. With a brood of six children to provide for, Peter, a serviceman in the United States Air Force, and Kenleen, an ex-servicewoman who decided to become a full-time mother, are building toward their next careers with their degrees from Ashford University. 

In 2007, Kenleen became a substitute teacher in her children’s school district, which allowed her to be closer to them while learning more about their education – and also learning something about herself. “I enjoyed the experience so much as a substitute teacher that I realized I would be very happy working with children in the school district.” Kenleen wanted more opportunities to help children, and this realization meant that she needed a degree program that could fit in her schedule – so she enrolled in Ashford in February 2010. 

Peter Pringle was impressed by his wife’s commitments to not only her family duties, but her own education. He was also thinking about his post-Air Force life, and dreamed of one day working for a company that would appreciate his military background and allow him to provide outreach to the community. Kenleen knew he could benefit from earning his degree as well. “After I started Ashford, my husband got motivated and he also returned to college. He chose Ashford because of the great reasons that I told him that I chose Ashford.”

Because of the digital services offered by Ashford, Peter and Kenleen continue looking forward. “I have an iPad® and an iPhone®,” Kenleen says, “and I used both while attending Ashford. The virtual bookshelf was a breeze to use on my iPad and I could also check my grades and assignments with the iPhone app.” Knowing how to use new technology is also helping them stay connected with their kids, since all six are regularly using iPods and other media devices.  

On April 28, 2012, Kenleen and Peter packed up the family and drove from Peter’s then current station, Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, to Clinton, IA to attend commencement together, Kenleen at age 39 and Peter at age 42. In Clinton, they found groups of likeminded people who were proud to have earned a degree. “It was awesome! We took photos and talked to people we had never met before. Even though we were all strangers, we shared our Ashford University Saints pride, and we all celebrated together.” 

Since then, Peter has continued his service while Kenleen has begun to earn her Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Children and Families at the University of Southern California. 

For more on the Pringle family, see page 11 of the Fall 2012 issue of Ashford Connections.