Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Arts in Information Science

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Business, University of North Texas

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Diane M. Pennington, PhD
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Diane M. Pennington is an Assistant Professor in the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. She has a PhD and a Master’s degree in Information Science, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Business, all from University of North Texas. Dr. Pennington has been a professor since 2004 and has taught a wide range of information science and technology focused courses during her career. In addition, she has worked as a programmer, a graduate research assistant for a NASA-funded project, and a systems administrator for a university library online system. She has been published in multiple literary journals and has edited two books (Social Media for Academics: A Practical Guide and Indexing and Retrieval of Non-text Information).

At Ashford, Dr. Pennington teaches courses in business and information science. “Networking has been the most professionally and personally rewarding aspect of my career. I always tell students to get connected with colleagues in their chosen field as soon as possible; the professional and personal rewards are immeasurable.” She also advises, “Don't worry about grades. If you show up to class with an innate desire to learn, the grades will follow.”

Dr. Pennington is the 2013-14 president of the Canadian Association for Information Science and a 2012-14 Director-at-Large for the Association for Information Science and Technology. She lives in Nashville, IL with her husband Joe and their family of pets: Athena the basset hound, Sophie the Chihuahua, and Sammy the green-cheek conure. Dr. Pennington and her husband met playing the online role-playing game World of Warcraft. It continues to be one of their favorite pastimes, as well as spending time in the remote cliffs and forests of southern Illinois.