Doctor of Philosophy, International Business, Northcentral University

Master of Business Administration, Texas Southern University

Bachelor of Business Administration, Texas Southern University

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Efiong Akwaowo, PhD
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"My favorite thing about teaching is getting to mentor and learn from my students."

Dr. Efiong Akwaowo is an Assistant Professor in the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. He received his PhD in International Business from Northcentral University and holds a Master and Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Southern University. Dr. Akwaowo has over twelve years of managerial experience, having worked with renowned corporations such as YUM Brands International and Rumak Global, LLC. He says, “My favorite thing about teaching is getting to mentor and learn from my students. I am excited to be a part of a renowned institution, and to associate with the best in the industry. I chose Ashford because of its experienced faculty members and the caring nature of the organization.” He has been married to his wife Rose for over two decades. The couple has two sons and two daughters.


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Genetic leadership: Fact or fiction? Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management (IBAM). November, 2016 Co-Presenters: Andree.Swanson, Paula.Zobisch, & Omar.Parks

Faculty Perceptions on Publishing Research: International Conference of Interactive Collaborative Learning

Presenters: Andree.Swanson, Diane.Pennington, Efiong.Akwaowo, & Paula.Zobisch

Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon: Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Poverty Alleviation: COSTA RICA GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON BUSINESS AND FINANCE (GCBF) SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA: MAY 26-29, 2015
Presenters: Efiong.Akwaowo & Andree.Swanson

Making Beautiful Music by Doing Discussions the Ashford Way!: 2015TxDLA Annual Conference
Presenters: Efiong Akwaowo & Vanessa Washington