Elaine Alden, PhD

Elaine Alden, PhD

Elaine Alden

College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Elaine Alden is an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Sociology program in the College of Liberal Arts. She obtained her PhD in Social Policy from the University of Kent, UK and her postdoctoral research was the first social policy fellowship to be awarded by Age UK, the British policy and advocacy group for issues concerning an aging population. Dr. Alden has worked on mixed methods and qualitative research projects in the areas of social support systems, generational membership and work motivations, HRM and reward, employment transitions, work/life balance and flexible employment, gender and work roles, ageism, older workers, care-giving, philanthropy and charitable giving, ‘Dignity’ in social care, and organizational social responsibility.

Dr. Alden taught at the University of Greenwich, London and for 7 years at the University of Kent, School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research in the areas of sociology of work and employment, applied HR and reward, cultural diversity, research methods, generational conflict and cohesion, social problems and social policy. Prior to her academic career, she spent 15 years as an HR professional with her last role as Head of Global Reward in London, UK. She is a dual citizen of the US and Britain, a San Diego Native, and has lived in many countries due to her career and her upbringing in a US military family.

"What I love about teaching is that it gives me the opportunity to support a student in acquiring knowledge and personal development through the process of obtaining a degree. Education is a wonderfully selfish gift to yourself – it is one of the few things in life which can't be taken away from you – you own it, you earn it, it's yours. To feel that kind of personal ownership is so rare, and it is an honor to be a part of that process with the students at Ashford University." 

Dr. Alden is a faculty advisor for Ashford's Online Sociology Club.