Master of Arts in Education, Eastern Kentucky University

Cindy Combs

Cindy Combs, MA

Division of General Education


"I find the diversity of our learners to be most rewarding."

Cindy Combs is part of the core faculty in the Entry Point & Social Science department that is part of the Division of General Education at Ashford University and has taught college-level courses for seven years. Previously, she was Director of External Studies and Assessment at Ashford. She holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY and has over 25 years teaching experience in early childhood, elementary, and middle school education, and also as an academic coach working with faculty members to improve student learning. “I am passionate about teaching and working with learners of all ages and from all walks of life,” she says. “I enjoy teaching at Ashford University in particular because of our mission to truly bring higher education to all learners. I find the diversity of our learners to be most rewarding.” Having taught all ages of learners, Combs believes that education changes lives regardless of age. She currently lives in Arlington, VA and is married with one adult daughter.