David Laughrey

David Laughrey

David Laughrey
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2011

“I was astounded by the cooperation the University has with the military to ease the burden of attending school and being deployed at a moment’s notice.”

David Laughrey is an incredible example of what determined people are able to accomplish. A Technical Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves at the 911th ARS in Pittsburgh, PA, David was deployed five times while earning his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management online from Ashford University - to Virginia, Mississippi, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Iraq. And life didn’t slow down much when he was home; he worked for three different companies while pursuing his degree: Axion Power and Battery, Parcway Industries, and Falcon Transportation.

It’s not surprising that David’s biggest challenge while completing his degree was time management. “I had to juggle my time between my home life with my wife and son, my VFW responsibilities as a post commander, and my Air Force Reserve commitments that took me all over the globe, and sometimes to not-so-pleasant areas with spotty Internet access.”

Nevertheless, David found a way to make it work, and he attributes his success to Ashford’s willingness to cater to military students. “I was astounded by the cooperation the University has with the military to ease the burden of attending school and being deployed at a moment’s notice. The instructors were also very accommodating to individual students.”

In the spring of 2011 at age 43, David’s hard work paid off, and he completed his Bachelor’s degree. “I felt I deserved to attend the ceremony after accomplishing this monumental hurdle, especially given the obstacles thrown at me from the military,” David explains, so he made plans to travel to Clinton, Iowa for the commencement ceremony. “I was proud of myself for achieving this goal and being the first in generations to graduate from college. I was also happy that my 19-year-old son was able to come and see his father achieve a goal, and to understand that this was not some pipe dream.”

Just three months after graduation David landed a job as a Logistics Coordinator at Pittsburgh Logistics Services. “My degree got me the interview, and my experience got me the job,” David proudly reports. “Ashford deserves a huge salute for their role in the achievement of this goal!”

For David, earning his Bachelor’s degree and starting a new job contributed to his personal confidence and changed his self-perception. “Up to the point of graduation, I always measured myself and looked at my life as a member of the Air Force family. I have since come to realize that I am also a valued member of the Ashford Alumni family. I cherish my experience, which will forever add to my self-evaluation. I henceforth will be an advocate for Ashford University and do my best to be a recruiter to military members worldwide. Ashford for life!”