Edwin Espiritu

Edwin Espiritu

Edwin Espiritu
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2012
Master of Arts in Education, Higher Education specialization         

“My life has changed because I’ve allowed it to.”

Edwin Espiritu, who goes by Ed, served eleven active duty years in the US Air Force and is now in the Air Force Reserve. When he realized he wanted to go back to school, Ed was drawn to Ashford University because of its flexibility and military-friendly environment. “There were other universities I was interested in, but what completely sold me was the fact that Ashford supports those who wear the uniform. It’s nice to speak with Ashford departments and hear from people who have also served our country.” 

This Menifee, CA resident feels blessed to have had his education paid by the Air Force and appreciates that Ashford recognizes this funding as an important and motivating factor in his ability to return to school. And motivated he certainly is; he doubled up on classes while earning his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication and is now enrolled in Ashford’s Master of Arts in Education, Higher Education specialization program. His dream is to one day become a news anchor. “I know that in the long run my degree will pay off, as education is a ticket to success.” 

Throughout his journey, Ed experienced some major personal and academic growth. “I’m a lot more responsible because I take my education much more seriously than when I was eighteen. For the first time in my life I’ve achieved a high GPA, made the Dean’s List, and became a member of honor societies including Golden Key International Honour SocietySALUTE Veterans National Honor Society, and Alpha Sigma Lambda.” 

Ed believes he has Ashford’s staff members to thank for all of his success. From helping him register to reassuring and motivating him along the way, they “have truly strengthened me on my educational journey. I honestly don’t know how I’d make it without them and am glad they are there for me when I need them.” 

Along with this support, Ed credits the University itself. He appreciates the flexibility an online platform provides and said, “Ashford’s courses go by quickly, and the information you learn during classes is something you’ll always take with you. I've enjoyed the interaction with others, received feedback from instructors, and continue to learn a lot.  You never stop learning. I’ve become a student with unlimited potential, and I won’t settle for anything less.” 

Ed says he will relish finally being able to add his Ashford degrees to his resume. “It took me 16 years to realize just how important education is. Change can be a good thing, and it’s important to be able to adapt to any situation. My life has changed because I’ve allowed it to.”