Jason Luzak

Jason Luzak

Jason  Luzak

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2010

"I hope to inspire everyone in the military to utilize their Tuition Assistance program."

Ashford University graduate Jason Luzak of Chula Vista, CA, learned the value of education from his grandfather. "My grandfather fled the Nazis at the start of World War II. He came to America, joined the Navy, and discovered that to get ahead in life, he would need a college education. He passed that value on to me."

Jason has followed in his grandfather's footsteps, having served in the US Navy for several years. When we last spoke to him, he was completing his final courses at Ashford and was stationed on board the USS Enterprise. 

"Being in the service and trying to finish school is NOT easy," he told us. "But my instructors thus far have been very understanding. Though it is tough, going to school while serving my country makes me very proud and gives me a reason to get up in the morning, to be the best I can be every day." Jason also thanked Cirrus Sawyer, his Ashford University Advisor, for first introducing him to Ashford University.

After graduation, Jason said he planned to apply for Officer Candidate School and become a United States Naval Officer. In the long term, he saw himself teaching in a university, and possibly entering politics. Jason expected his Bachelor's degree from Ashford to be of use, since "my degree in Organizational Management relates well to politics, business, and living a successful life in general."

Jason shared that he tries to set the example for others, just as his grandfather set the example for him. "I hope to inspire all people who have a burning desire to better themselves through education," he said. "I hope to inspire everyone in the military to utilize their Tuition Assistance program and get as much education as they can while in the service. Start now!"

Jason completed his degree from Ashford University on February 8, 2010 at age 26. Soon after graduation, he was promoted to Leading Petty Officer of the Reactor Administration Office on board the USS Enterprise.