Master of Fine Arts, University of California, San Diego

Master of Arts in Literature, Georgetown University

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies and Chinese, George Washington University

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Kathryn Lorraine Graham, MA, MFA
College of Liberal Arts


"The students at Ashford are incredibly diverse, and this diversity brings a wonderful variety to classroom discussions."

Kathryn Lorraine Graham is an Instructor in English in the College of Liberal Arts at Ashford University, where she has been teaching courses in creative writing, composition, literature, and literature theory since 2012. She holds an MFA in creative writing from University of California, San Diego; an MA in literature from Georgetown University; and a BA in East Asian studies and Chinese from George Washington University. Her first book, Terminal Humming, is available from Edge Books, and her second book, which is still in search of a title, is forthcoming from Coconut Books.

Graham is a literary artist and digital rhetoric scholar with over a decade of teaching experience in both traditional and on-line environments. Prior to her teaching career, she worked as a public policy researcher for various non-profit organizations in Washington, DC, and she brings this experience to bear on her teaching as well as her scholarly and creative work. “My goal as a teacher,” she says, “is to help students become critical readers and creators of the texts, objects, environments, and experiences through which they manifest their values and practices. I want to not only facilitate students’ work as writers, critical thinkers, and literary artists, but also to prepare them for a lifetime of engagement with the social, political, and aesthetic challenges and pleasures of communication that arise in diverse societies. The students at Ashford are incredibly diverse, and this diversity brings a wonderful variety to classroom discussions.” She reminds students that, regardless of personal, academic, and professional goals, writing is essential to achieving them. “Moreover, writing is like any other skill: No one is born knowing how to write. Learning requires practice, patience and attention – but anyone can do it.”

Graham calls herself semi-nomadic and has a small Pacific Parrotlet named Lester Young. This year, you can find her in San Diego, Denver, South Florida, Barcelona, and Santiago – or online in one of her classes.