Kaveen Benedict

Kaveen Benedict

Master of Business Administration, Information Systems specialization, 2012

“This management degree has helped me fast forward my career.”

Kaveen Benedict, who earned his Master of Business Administration with an Information Systems specialization from Ashford at age 35, is an Assistant Vice President in the securities lending division at JP Morgan Chase. He and his family live in Jersey City, NJ.

“This management degree has helped me fast forward my career as far as aiming for a higher position within the firm [and] as far as more management responsibilities. Right now I have a pretty medium-sized team, and this MBA has taught me how to deal with large teams – and hopefully I’ll put what I’ve learned into practice.”

Kaveen credits Ashford’s convenient online platform for allowing him to earn his graduate degree without sacrificing his fast-paced career or family commitments. “[Earning a degree] online was a very new experience for me, but then once I got used to it, it was very easy for me to traverse through the whole course. With Ashford, having their mobile platform helped me in a lot of ways. Their app, which is very user-friendly, has helped me to post my assignments, my weekly discussions – all those forums are very helpful.”

Kaveen feels empowered to apply the knowledge from his Ashford MBA toward his current career and hopefully continue to work his way up the ladder. “It’s a pretty interesting experience learning information technology from a management standpoint, so it was a fruitful experience which I think will help me in my career.”