Doctor of Philosophy in English, University of North Carolina

Master of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Alabama

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Anna Wheatley
Anna Copeland Wheatley, PhD
College of Liberal Arts


"I always keep the door to opportunity open."

Dr. Anna Copeland Wheatley is an Assistant Professor in the College of Liberal Arts. She holds a PhD in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her Master’s degree in English and Bachelor’s degree in English are from the University of Alabama. Dr. Wheatley has extensive experience in teaching, publishing, and communications. Prior to joining Ashford as a faculty member, she was a senior editor at OMNI Magazine and the co-founder and editor-in-chief of AlleyCat News (a publishing and conference company that covered start-ups and venture capital in the New York area from 1995 to 2001). After Alleycat shut down in the wake of the 2001 dotcom bust, Dr. Wheatley worked in publishing and content development for a number of clients including the Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education, the New York Academy of Sciences, NYU’s Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, the University of Alabama’s School of Business, the American Foundation for the Blind, Catalyst, and Booz Allen. She started teaching around the same time, primarily online and to non-traditional students. Dr. Wheatley says, “I always keep the door to opportunity open. It takes a leap of faith – and often hardship – to jump into a new world. But once you’ve plunged and dog-paddled your way to shore, you find that there are amazing worlds of experience waiting. One of my passions in teaching is to replace that fear of the unknown with a sense of wonder.”