Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

Master of Arts in Political Science, Purdue University

Master of Laws in Public Law, Université Laval-Canada

Bachelor of Laws in Civil Law, Université de Lyon

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Jean Gabriel Jolivet
Jean Gabriel Jolivet, PhD
College of Liberal Arts


"I am committed to maintaining a high level of engagement and easy accessibility for my students."

Dr. Jean Gabriel Jolivet is the Chair of Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts at Ashford University. He has a PhD in Political Science with a specialization in Comparative Political Behavior, a Master of Art in Political Science from Purdue University, a Master of Laws in Public Law from Université Laval-Canada and Université de Lyon-France, and a Bachelor of Laws in Civil Law from Université de Lyon-France. Dr. Jolivet was raised in France, where he completed his undergraduate studies. He always knew he wanted to go to law school, but upon completing his Master’s degree, decided to go into instructing law rather than practicing it. He taught in Kansas and Wisconsin before joining the faculty at Ashford and now instructs a variety of courses covering international law and political science. Dr. Jolivet says, “Ashford is a great fit for both my qualifications and my philosophy of education. I am committed to maintaining a high level of engagement and easy accessibility for my students. I see this commitment as a crucial part of the professional growth process. More importantly, this helps foster strong relationships with students, which I have found is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching.” Dr. Jolivet currently resides in Denver, CO with his partner Mathew, their daughter Maddie, and a Beagle named Bingo. The family loves to travel and has been to Europe many times. Dr. Jolivet’s dream vacation destination is Machu Picchu, Peru.


Dr. Jean Gabriel Starika-Jolivet, Political Science Chair, College of Liberal Arts, Dr. John Ackerman and Jamie Weitl, College of Liberal Arts, and Patrick Johnson presented a workshop at the American Political Science Association’s Teaching and Learning Conference in February. This group received an Ashford University Fellowship Grant that allowed them to collaborate on the workshop entitled, “Evaluating Course Revisions Multimedia Learning Technology, and their Impact on Student Engagement and Deep Learning.”