Doctor of Philosophy in History, University of Arizona

Master of Arts in Medieval History, Catholic University of America

Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, Georgetown University

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Stephanie Fink De Backer

Stephanie Fink De Backer, PhD

College of Liberal Arts


"I thrive on interacting with students and helping them reach their own answers to the many questions posed by historical inquiry."

Dr. Stephanie L. Fink is an Associate Professor in the College of Liberal Arts at Ashford University. She has a PhD in History from the University of Arizona where she specialized in Early Modern Europe, specifically Spain and the Habsburg Empire. She has a Master’s degree in Medieval History from the Catholic University of America and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Dr. Fink taught in Arizona and North Carolina before joining the faculty at Ashford and now instructs a variety of courses within the History Department.

Dr. Fink De Backer has spent time living in and traveling to Spain, conducting archival research in cities such as Madrid, Toledo, and Valladolid. She has published a number of scholarly articles, along with the book Widowhood in Early Modern Spain: Protectors, Proprietors, and Patrons (Brill, 2010). Dr. Fink De Backer is currently working on a second book, La Dama Sebastian: Staging Enlightenment in 18th-Century Spain, co-authored with Cristian Berco of Bishop’s University in Quebec. She has been teaching at the university level for over 15 years, primarily in Arizona. At Ashford she enjoys her position as a remote instructor, saying, “The online modality expands access to a broad population and thus creates the opportunity to work with learners who come to the university with a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. I thrive on interacting with students and helping them reach their own answers to the many questions posed by historical inquiry.”

Dr. Fink has received numerous awards and recognition for her academic work including: The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies ACMRS Faculty Research Fellowship, The M. Aylwin Cotton Foundation Fellowship for Mediterranean Studies, and U.S. Department of State and Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Education William J. Fulbright Doctoral Fellowship, Spain.