Matthew Bambrick

Matthew Bambrick

Matthew Bambrick

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2008

“You are given a world-class support structure at Ashford University that will ensure you stay on track and meet your goals."

Matthew Bambrick graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Ashford University in October 2008 at age 41. A certified business continuity planner from the Chicago area, he works for Exelon Corporation in corporate security compliance.

A veteran of the US Army, Matthew salutes Ashford's treatment of our soldiers and veterans. In fact, Ashford's military and veterans benefits were among the top deciding factors when he chose to attend Ashford. He was also impressed by the amount of credits he was able to transfer, and that he could transfer in military as well as civilian coursework. He explains, "I had taken numerous classes inside and outside of the military, but had no degree to show for it. I wanted to finish and finish strong, and Ashford University was the perfect fit."

Like most college students, Matthew found balancing his work, his personal life, and his academic responsibilities difficult at the onset, but, he says, "those challenges were not unobtainable. To the contrary, military discipline took over and soon I found myself to be in a routine."

Now that he has earned his degree, he says his life has changed tremendously. "Each time I look at my diploma hanging on my wall, it reminds me of when I didn't have one and how thankful I am to have it now. It has also provided me a great deal of confidence in myself due to the fact that whatever the economy brings, I have a reliable degree to fall back on. This is especially important in a job market where, in many cases, not having a degree is non-negotiable."

Matthew considers himself to be living proof that, "Ashford can and will prepare you for an advanced education." Soon after completing his Bachelor's degree at Ashford, Matthew was accepted to Norwich University, the oldest private military university in the US, and he graduated with his Master of Science in Business Continuity Management (June 2010).

Matthew's Admissions Counselor, called Matthew "passionate about Ashford" – which Matthew makes no effort to hide. He proudly explains that he has directly influenced at least six people to enroll at Ashford. "I am looking forward to personally attending the graduation ceremonies of those I recommended to Ashford." 

To prospective Ashford students, Matthew offers this advice: "Whether you are deciding to enroll at Ashford or another institution, you have to determine what is best for YOU in the long run. Regional accreditation is key towards applying your degree towards Master's level studies, so take that into consideration." He also advises that, "you are not set up for failure unless you LET it happen to you. You are given a world-class support structure at Ashford University that will ensure you stay on track and meet your goals."

Matthew was selected as a finalist for the 2012 Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program, a prestigious and highly competitive federal program administered by the US Office of Personnel Management. Selected out of an applicant pool of over 9,100 students, Matthew was one of 628 finalists who will be considered for coveted 2-year fellowship positions within government agencies. Finalists are assessed on their excellent writing, interpersonal, analytical, and leadership skills. Congratulations, Matthew!