Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, Florida State University

Master of Arts in Music Theory and Composition

Bachelor of Arts in Music History and Literature, University of Southern Mississippi

Micheal Pelt

Micheal Pelt, PhD

Division of General Education


"I enjoy teaching online courses."

Dr. Micheal Pelt is lead faculty in the Humanities & Science department that is part of the Division of General Education at Ashford University. He holds a Doctorate in Humanities from Florida State University. His Master’s degree in Music Theory and Composition and Bachelor’s degree in Music History and Literature are from The University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Pelt has been in higher education for over twenty years and also spent fifteen years in the Army. He has more than a decade of experience instructing online classes and says, “I enjoy teaching online courses much more than traditional lecture ones. One of my last traditional courses was in a lecture hall with over eighty students and I only got to know a few of them by name. I would rather work with students more closely than that.” Though a self-professed “southern boy,” Dr. Pelt has traveled and lived all over the world. He has set foot on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.