Pedro and Maritza Nieto

Pedro and Maritza Nieto

Pedro and Maritza Nieto
Pedro Nieto 
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2010
Master of Arts in Education, Education and Public Policy specialization, 2012 

Maritza Nieto
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2010

“[Ashford’s] commitment to quality is unquestionable, especially toward military families.”

Master Sergeant Pedro Nieto and his wife, Maritza Nieto, live in Palm Bay, Florida with their two daughters. A career soldier in the United States Army, Pedro's adventures in the military have taken him to missions in Haiti, Germany, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Since May 2007, Pedro has worked for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, and his position when we spoke to him was with the Curriculum and Faculty Trainer Programs. He also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator Manager. In addition to raising their daughters, Maritza has been a full-time student and spends much of her time earning volunteer hours for her counseling practice; her plans include seeking a clinical internship.

Both Pedro and Maritza attribute their professional success to the fact that they both earned Bachelor's degrees online from Ashford University. Earning their degrees had always been an important personal goal for both Pedro and Maritza, and a few years ago they decided they could not put this dream off any longer. "After months of searching," Pedro recalls, "Maritza spoke with an Ashford Admissions Counselor and he answered all our questions with confidence and professionalism. Ashford simply had the most attractive and suitable program for us." Today, both husband and wife are Ashford alumni: Maritza holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Pedro holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.

When asked about their experience with Ashford, the couple replied with passion and gratitude. "Ashford is a great institution, dedicated to the educational needs of the community. They honor family values and believe that everyone can achieve the American dream of higher education. Their commitment to quality is unquestionable, especially toward military families. We also want to thank God, our family, and our friends for their support in our journey."

In May 2010, the couple drove 1,500 miles from Florida to Clinton, Iowa, so that they could walk across the stage and receive their diplomas. Accompanying them were their two daughters, Melanie and Emily. "It was a wonderful feeling to have our four- and seven-year-old kids tell us, 'I'm proud of you, Mom and Dad!'"

What does life look like after graduation? Maritza is pursuing her Master of Arts in Counseling at another university, so that she can accomplish her dream of serving as a clinical social worker for either a public school system or the VA hospital. Pedro returned to Ashford and earned his Master of Arts in Education, Education and Public Policy specialization in 2012. His aspiration is to work as an instructor for the US Army ROTC programs or for a public school system.