Shelly Mathewis

Shelly Mathewis

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, 2013
Master of Arts in Organizational Management

“I have received several promotions with my employer.”

On her graduation day from Ashford University, where she received her
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Shelly Mathewis was already moving along in her Master’s degree program at Ashford – and her hard work was already paying off. “Because of my accomplishments of graduating undergrad, and in the midst of my graduate degree program, I have received several promotions with my employer – so that’s awesome!”

This 43-year-old human resources professional from Cincinnati, OH makes it look easy, having graduated Magna Cum Laude and with memberships in the Golden Key International Honour Society as well as Alpha Sigma Lambda. But despite her accomplishments, Shelly faced a major obstacle in her personal life during her journey to her Bachelor’s degree, having lost her husband to kidney failure.

Even despite this tragedy, Shelly’s outlook on life has remained remarkably positive. “Being able to finish this journey on time has been wonderful. It gets me to the point where, regardless of what life challenges you have, if you’re determined, if you stay faithful, if you stay dedicated, you can achieve any goal that you have.”

Her motivation in pursuing her higher education was to close the gap between her professional and academic achievements. “I knew there were some opportunities that I wanted to seek, and although I had the professional experience, I wanted to have that education behind it.” 

Among Shelly’s favorite aspects of being an Ashford student is the accessibility of the faculty members. “They were always available and very responsive. If I had a question, I could send them a quick email or call them on the phone, and they always responded to every need that I had.” She also enjoyed taking advantage of the Ashford Mobile app, saying she uses it everywhere, including at the salon!

“It’s been a long journey to get to this point,” she told us, “but being able to accomplish this goal and better myself personally as well as professionally has been worth it.” We look forward to following Shelly’s journey as she continues to work toward her Master of Arts in Organizational Management, Human Resources specialization at Ashford.