Ryan Lineback

Ryan Lineback

Ryan Lineback

Bachelor of Arts in History

“I am extremely pleased with how well Ashford caters to the military.”

Ryan Lineback is a jet engine mechanic originally from Atlanta, GA and currently stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. He joined the Air Force after he found that he didn’t enjoy the traditional college classroom experience, but once enrolled he knew he’d still need to pursue his higher education.

Within three years, Ryan had earned an Associate’s degree from the Community College of the Air Force, but his dream to become an officer requires a Bachelor’s degree. His Command Chief at the time had earned his Bachelor’s from Ashford University, so Ryan soon enrolled at the institution himself and began earning a Bachelor of Arts in History.

Ryan was able to transfer a variety of credits to Ashford, including traditional college credits from the University of West Georgia as well as non-traditional credits he received from training, from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and from other exams he took while earning his Associate’s degree.

Although he admits to being nervous when he first applied, Ryan has found that being an Ashford student empowers him in many areas of his life. “Completing all of the classes I have so far has shown me just what I can accomplish. I am motivated every time I start and finish a new class, and that translates over to my personal and professional life.” He credits his advisors for being there for him, and helping accommodate his changing schedule while deployed overseas. “I am extremely pleased with how well Ashford caters to the military. This is why I will continue to promote Ashford to my coworkers and friends.”

He feels that pursuing his education sets him apart from many of his peers, noting that he has been nominated for more awards at his base since enrolling. “School is often not the top priority for a majority of the younger military force. I am constantly trying to push the younger airmen under me to pursue higher education not only for their career, but also for themselves.” He points out that many of his classmates at Ashford are actually older than him with rich life experiences, which inspires him every day.

Ryan has already been on the Dean’s List twice and has been invited to apply for the SALUTE Veterans National Honors Society. “Since enrolling at Ashford University, I have realized the dedication that I did not know I contained. I am more motivated to complete things and take on new challenges at work and in life. I think this comes from seeing my classes completed and knowing that I can accomplish the goals that I set for myself.” Ryan is set to graduate in spring 2015.