Haley Fischer

Haley Fischer

Haley Fischer
Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management

“When you see that your professors are excited about what they are teaching, it makes you more excited to learn.”

Haley Fischer learned about Ashford University at a college fair in her senior year of high school. She had toured multiple campuses at that point, but nothing seemed to fit – until she visited Ashford. Having attended a small high school, she knew she wanted to attend a small college. As a competitive pole-vaulter, she also knew she wanted to go to a school with a successful track and field program. She says, “When it came to choosing a college, Ashford made it easy on me. It was clearly the perfect fit for my situation.”

Haley is in the second half of her studies toward a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Recreation Management and a minor in Human Resources Management. In addition to being a co-captain of the women’s track team, she is also on the women’s cross-country team and currently holds the school record for pole-vaulting. She is also a resident assistant in the Clinton campus dorms, a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, and is actively involved with Ashford’s Office of Service and Leadership, where community service and service learning opportunities are provided to students. She was surprised to learn how involved her professors were in extra-curricular activities as well, saying, “You might see your professors at your sporting events or a play performance. You will see them involved in community organizations and projects, too.” 

Haley has generally found the faculty and staff at Ashford to be helpful and passionate about all they do. She says, “When you see that your professors are excited about what they are teaching, it makes you more excited to learn.”

Upon graduation, she hopes to move back to the Northern Illinois area and work for a sports team. Her ultimate goal is to be an event planner for professional athletes. “Preferably the Chicago Blackhawks,” she says.

Another option would be for her remain in Clinton, IA and get her Master’s degree from Ashford as well. She says, “There are many opportunities for employment and further education for Ashford graduates, and I would like to take advantage of that. Ashford has made college so affordable and because of that I won’t have to worry about paying off tons of students loans. I can focus on getting the kind of job I want and ultimately being happy.”

Though she still struggles with homesickness from time to time, Haley has surrounded herself with new friends and tries to keep in touch with her loved ones back home as often as possible. She says, “I would never regret moving here. I have learned so much about myself, and the world, since getting out of my small town.”

Haley would recommend Ashford to graduating high school seniors, as well as transfers from other colleges, and adult learners. She believes, even with Ashford’s small size, there is something here for everyone. She says, “I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given in attending Ashford University. I hope to further my education and use my experiences to help make the world a better place.”

In her spare time, Haley loves spending time with her family, playing with her dogs, and stock car racing. She believes her faith defines her as a person.