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By 2020, 65% of jobs in the United States will require a college education. With 55 million forecasted job openings1 and the increasing demand for an educated workforce, there is no better time to prepare for your dream job. Ashford University’s online college degrees make it easy for you to get the education you need to get ahead.

Choose from online college degrees in some of today’s most in-demand fields including health care, information management, business administration, and environmental studies. Even better, many programs allow you to specialize, honing in on topics that particularly inspire you. You may also receive college credit for work experience, letting you jump-start your degree and bypass studying material you already know.

An online degree from Ashford University is the perfect way to earn the credentials you need to open new doors, whether you’re launching a new career or looking for upward mobility with your current company. At Ashford University, you access classes when and how you want, whether that’s by a tablet in a coffee shop or at a computer after work late at night. Moreover, you’ll enjoy an active environment complete with the possibility of mentorship, volunteer opportunities, and discussion groups with other students and professors. Join this vibrant learning community and receive an affordable college education on your schedule.

Learn more about online college degrees from Ashford University below and choose the degree program that is right for you.

Online Associates Degrees

Online Associate’s Degrees

Getting a college degree has never been more convenient than it is with Ashford University’s online Associate’s degree programs. Review the online degrees, and contact an Enrollment Services Advisor to learn the ways Ashford University can help you earn a degree and work toward your dreams.

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Earn a Bachelor’s degree at Ashford University to master the skills you need to succeed. No matter your current industry, there’s a program at Ashford that may help you advance. Explore Ashford’s online degrees, and contact an Enrollment Services Advisor to get started.

Online Masters Degrees

Online Master’s Degrees

Secure the advanced degree that may send your career soaring. Designed to help lifelong learners like yourself, you can continue in your current job while earning a Master’s degree in a hot field. View all of Ashford’s online Master’s degree programs and contact an Enrollment Services Advisor to begin your journey.



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