Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration

Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Administration

The Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration is designed to meet the learning needs of health care professionals and others in the acquisition of foundational knowledge in health-related topics, operations, and applications. The Health Care Administration degree is characterized by an interdisciplinary and integrated learning approach, reflecting the realities of the health care system. Specific curriculum in health administration, regulation and financing, health care planning, health policy, and quality monitoring is provided.

Program Outcomes
Graduates from the Health Care Administration program will be able to:

  • Analyze the legal and ethical issues of healthcare systems;
  • Explore cultural and social-demographic variables influencing the delivery of healthcare services;
  • Examine the provision of healthcare services within a regulatory environment;
  • Analyze the major financing systems of U.S. healthcare services;
  • Analyze the major forces driving change in the healthcare system;
  • Assess the major issues confronting community and public health services; and
  • Apply the theoretical dimensions of leadership within the health care environment.

Program Requirements

  • Total Minimum Credits Required: 120 credits

  • General Education Requirements: 49 credits
  • Major Requirements: 37 credits
  • Electives: 34 credits

Required Courses (37 credits):
ACC 281 Accounting Concepts for Health Care Professionals (3 credits)
BUS 303 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
HCA 305 The US Health Care System (3 credits)
HCA 311 Health Care Financing and Information Systems (3 credits)
HCA 322 Health Care Ethics and Medical Law (3 credits)
HCA 340 Managing Health and Human Services (3 credits)
HCA 375 Continuous Quality Monitoring and Accreditation (3 credits)
HCA 415 Community and Public Health (3 credits)
HCA 430 Special Populations (3 credits)
HCA 421 Health Care Planning and Evaluation (3 credits)
HCA 459 Senior Project (4 credits) OR
HCA 402 Health Care Internship (3-6 credits)
SOC 313 Social Implications of Medical Issues (3 credits)

You also have the opportunity to complete a specialization, which will enhance your Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration. The following specializations are available for this major:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Systems
  • International Management
  • Long-Term Care

View a detailed list of specialization requirements.

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Cohort Retention, Persistence, and Graduation

Cohort Retention, Persistence, and Graduation

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