Bring Your High School and Ashford University Together

Now you can promote bright and eager high school students to advanced academic pursuits!

If you are a high school principal, counselor, or faculty member, consider a partnership with Ashford University. If you are an ambitious high school junior or senior, you might want to discuss these options with your counselor or principal.

Thanks to Iowa's Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEO), qualified students in the eleventh and twelfth grades may enroll in part-time studies at the university level. As part of the state's PSEO initiative, Ashford University sends experienced instructors to teach courses on high school campuses. And required textbooks are completely covered!

Youll find Ashford's PSEO programs allow your students to:

Participate in university-level courses while still in high school
Reduce time spent on Bachelor's degrees
Save money on university tuitions
Your high school students can get a head start on higher education by taking university-level courses in a variety of subjects, including: English, speech, physiology, art appreciation, ceramics, painting, history, and more. Many students have discovered their career paths in courses such as EDU 250 Foundations of American Education (for future teachers), and CRJ 109 Special Topics: Public Safety (for aspiring police and firefighters).

Most courses can provide students with dual credits that meet requirements for both high-school and university curricula. That means students' credits could also apply as elective credits toward their high school diplomas. Take advantage of Ashford's postsecondary courses, and let your students' higher education begin!

Please note: Ashford University faculty members are available to travel no more than 40 miles from the Ashford campus in Clinton, IA. The decision to create a PSEO partnership with Ashford remains with the principal of the high school. A minimum number of students is required for any course to begin. Student eligibility is determined by high school counselors. Once deemed eligible, students must fill out an application and be admitted to Ashford University.

To learn more about having Ashford University's PSEO courses at your high school, contact Shayla Franzen at or call 800-242-4153 ext.7379.