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Dr. Iris Lafferty discusses Ashford University's Bachelor of Arts in Instructional Design. Dr. Lafferty holds two Master's degrees and a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from University of California, San Diego. Read her full bio.

Chart your future. With your Bachelor of Arts in Instructional Design from Ashford University, you will synthesize learning theory with models for instructional design. Create and deliver high-tech instruction for e-learning in online environments.

Instructional Designers are People Who:
• like learning how people learn. They apply what they know about how people learn the knowledge and skills that people need to use.
• like informal exposure to a variety of ideas across disciplines. They are not content experts, but are exposed to the information of each learning design project.
• like planning lessons or creating curriculum. They find that it is actually the development of lessons that really excites them.

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If this program fits your personal and professional goals, contact Ashford University at 866.711.1700 to learn more, or request additional information.

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