College of Education

Those who can, do. And educators ensure that future generations can, too. Or with your degree from the College of Education you might go on to administer a school district or push for change on behalf of students.

Online Education Degree Programs

Explore the online education programs within the College of Education, and meet the impressive faculty members who facilitate them.

Executive Dean: Dr. Tony Farrell
Associate Dean: Dr. Iris Lafferty
Associate Dean: Dr. Denise Maxwell
Clinton Campus Dean: Dr. Joen Larson
Clinton Campus Associate Dean: Dr. Cynthia Martinek
Lead Faculty:
Dr. Celeste Campbell

Early Childhood Education Department

Department Chair: Dr. Jessica Alvarado

Programs: Full-Time Faculty:

Undergraduate Department:

Department Chair: Dr. Newton Miller

Programs: Full-Time Faculty:

Graduate Department:

Department Chair: Dr. Michelle Warn

Programs: Full-Time Faculty:

Clinton Campus

Full-Time Faculty:

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