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What can you do with a liberal arts degree? Explore the world! Communicate! Think! Yes, there's no limit to what you can do with a broad degree from the College of Liberal Arts.

Online Liberal Arts Degree Programs

Explore the online liberal arts programs within the College of Liberal Arts, and meet the impressive faculty members who facilitate them.

Executive Dean: Dr. Suzanne Power
Associate Dean:
Dr. Fabienne Chauderlot
Associate Dean:
Dr. Lorna Wheeler
Associate Dean: Dr. Rukmini Potdar
Clinton Campus Dean: Dr. Curt Lowe

Communication Arts Department

Department Chair: Dr. Paula Battistelli

Programs: Full-Time Faculty:

Social Science/Justice Studies Department

Social Science Department Chair: Dr. Alexander Cohen
Justice Studies Department Chair: Shel Silver, JD

Programs: Full-Time Faculty:

Humanities Department

General Education Department Chair: Dr. Justin Harrison
Environmental Science/Humanities Department Chair:
Dr. Adam Selhorst
Department Chair (Entry Level Courses): Dr. Jeffrey Hall

Programs: Full-Time Faculty:

Clinton Campus


Environmental Studies/Social Sciences/American Studies
Philosophy and Philosophy/Religion
Social and Criminal Justice

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