Online Master of Arts in Education

Program Outcomes
Students who successfully complete the Master of Arts in Education degree program will be able to:

  • Design appropriate and challenging learning experiences informed by analysis of how learners develop individually across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical patterns to promote student learning and growth;
  • Employ differentiated instructional practices aligned with learner strengths and differences, diverse cultures, and diverse communities to promote student learning in a safe, collaborative, engaging, inclusive, 21st century learning environment;
  • Design a variety of evidence-based assessments used for ongoing evaluation of student progress, and to guide teacher and learner decision making;
  • Execute an action research study that draws on the research and methods of various disciplines to address local or global educational issues;
  • Design learner-centered instruction aligned with Common Core State Standards, digital age standards (NETS-S), and 21st Century skills to promote learner achievement and growth;
  • Engage in continuous professional growth through leadership in educational environments and the demonstration of legal and ethical behavior in professional practices;
  • Use knowledge of subject matter and central concepts of the discipline(s) to create technology-enriched learning environments that promote learner achievement and innovation;
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders through written communication, verbal communication, and a variety of current and emerging digital age tools to ensure learner growth and to advance the profession; and
  • Use a range of digital technology tools to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate information while exhibiting an understanding of ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of information technologies.

Transfer to Ashford University

Your experience is valuable and could be worth college credit. You could transfer up to 9 approved credits toward your Master's degree at Ashford. If you've completed graduate-level courses or training before, ask how Ashford can recognize what you've learned.


* The transferability of credits is subject to Ashford University transfer credit policies, and requires the submission of official transcripts.

The official transcripts will be evaluated to determine the credits that will officially apply toward an Ashford University degree program.

Program Requirements
To be awarded the Master of Arts in Education degree, all students must complete 36 credits, with a 3.00 minimum grade point average. Students enrolled in the Curriculum and Instruction specialization are required to complete 39 total program credits.

Program Disclosures
Federal regulations published in October, 2010 require institutions to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). These required disclosures include a program’s 1) program costs; 2) on-time completion rates; 3) median loan debt; 4) links to O*NET SOC descriptions; and 5) placement rates. Please find all of the required information at this link: Program Disclosures.

Cohort Retention, Persistence, and Graduation
Information regarding cohort retention, persistence, and graduation data for Master’s degree-level students can be found at the following link: Master’s Data. Additional disaggregated views of cohort retention, persistence, and graduation for students in all degree levels and modalities are also available.


Conditional Admission Requirements 
Must have a regionally or approved nationally accredited Bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree with minimum 2.0 GPA. 
English Language Requirement.

Provisional Admission Requirements
Attendance past week 3 of the first course.
Attendance past week 3 constitutes a student’s confirmation of his or her intention to continue in the program as a regular student.  Please refer to the Ashford Promise for additional information.

Full Admission Requirements
Submission of an official transcript showing a regionally or approved nationally accredited Bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree with minimum 2.0 GPA; 
Submission of official transcripts from all postsecondary education attempted; and
TOEFL or IELTS scores, if required for admission.

Please see the Academic Catalog for additional detailed requirements for Full Admission.

Technology Requirements


Students must possess the following online competencies:

  • Ability to access course and program material on the Internet;
  • Ability to correspond with University staff, students, and faculty using email and the Internet; and
  • Ability to use appropriate antivirus utilities so that files transmitted and received are virus free.

System requirements

The following minimum system configuration and software are required:

  • Platforms: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher or Windows XP or higher;
  • Hardware: 256 Mb RAM, CD-ROM, and 1 Gb free disk space;
  • Productivity Software: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2003 or higher; Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher; Adobe Flash 10 or higher (Constellation users);
  • Web Browser: Firefox 3.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Safari 4.0 or higher, or Chrome;
  • Networking: 56k dialup modem, DSL, or Cable modem;
  • Email: Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, or Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail.

Recommended for optimal performance

  • Productivity Software: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2007 or higher;
  • Networking: Broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable, or other);
  • Constellation users: Windows Media Player 7 or higher, sound card and speakers.

Please note certain courses may require the use of additional internet connectivity requirements, software, and/or hardware, such as a microphone and/or webcam to record sound or video files. Additionally certain courses may require use of third party websites. The University is not responsible for the practices of any third party websites. If a student has serious objections to using a third party website, he or she can request an alternative method of completing an assignment from the instructor of the course. If a student chooses to withhold the disclosure of Directory Information, no Directory Information will be released by Ashford University to non-university personnel, unless the disclosure meets exception criteria as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of this Catalog. However, a student may still be required to make certain disclosures as part of coursework.

Transfer up to 9 semester credits from a regionally or approved nationally accredited college or university.* Call now for more information at 866.711.1700.

* The transferability of credits is subject to Ashford University transfer credit policies, and requires the submission of official transcripts. The official transcripts will be evaluated to determine the credits that will officially apply toward an Ashford University degree program.

Online Format
You will take your courses one at a time for 6 weeks each, accelerating your path to graduation. Your course content is delivered in a high-tech format, and you can complete your weekly assignments when and where it's convenient for you thanks to the asynchronous online environment.

Your tuition rates are among the lowest available online at $560 per credit. You will also be responsible for fees to enrollView complete cost of attendance. Call today to learn more at 866.711.1700.

* Tuition costs subject to change without notice.

Payment Options

  • Cash Plan – 100% of tuition and fees paid on or before each course start date.
  • Tuition Reimbursement – If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement plan, we'll work with you to apply this great benefit toward your education.
  • Financial Aid – You may be eligible for financial aid. Talk to an Enrollment Services Advisor to find out if you meet the requirements to qualify.
  • Direct (Employer) Billing – If you work for a company approved for direct billing, you may qualify for this payment option.
  • Military Tuition Assistance – Includes active-duty service and Veterans Affairs benefits if you qualify. Learn more about military benefits.

If an education degree fits your personal and professional goals, contact Ashford University at 866.711.1700 to learn more, or request additional information.