MBA in Environmental Management

Online MBA in Environmental Management

Integrate sustainable business strategies into your education. With an MBA in Environmental Management from the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University, you will learn to meet the challenges of energy, economics, and the environment. This environmental management focused degree gives you the strategic planning tools to respond to the next-generation economy. Through three specific courses of the Environmental Management specialization, you will study economic forces, business risk, and alternative sources of energy.

Earn your MBA with Environmental Management specialization online

As you work to improve the environment, don’t leave yourself behind. Earn your MBA in Environmental Management to increase your impact on the world around you. An online environmental management focused degree can be earned on your schedule using Ashford apps that keep you connected, even when you’re out in the wild.

What is an MBA in Environmental Management?

An MBA in Environmental Management is a Master of Business Administration with a focus on environmental topics and sustainable business strategies. As a specialized graduate-level degree, the Environmental Management MBA combines a foundation of traditional business theories like operations, project management, and finance with environmental management topics and strategic planning tools that meet today’s economic, energy, and sustainability challenges. An MBA in Environmental Management may lead to careers in environmental organizations and government agencies or within corporate social responsibility departments at larger companies.

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Environmental Management MBA Courses

(9 credits, each course is 3 credits)

To achieve your MBA in Environmental Management, you must complete these three courses of the Environmental Management specialization in addition to the core MBA courses.

BUS 665 Environmental Law & Compliance
This course begins with an analysis of The Solid Waste Disposal Act/Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Further, it will familiarize students with an environmental manager's duties in permitting, reporting, record keeping and sampling. It emphasizes a systematic approach to identifying obligations with respect to regulated media and developing appropriate responses. Obligations under United States environmental laws, their relationship to state and local laws, and state and local obligations are considered as a model for analysis and response.

BUS 667 Energy, Environment & Economics
This course deals with the linkage of energy, environmental and economic issues. The impact of energy supply and end-use on human well-being and the ecosystem is covered. It also includes a comprehensive approach to the resolution of resource, technical, economic, strategic, environmental, socio- and geopolitical problems of the energy industries. In addition, pathways to a sustainable global energy system are presented.

BUS 688 Business Strategy: The Sustainable Enterprise
This course integrates environmental management issues with use of strategic planning tools for assessing and responding to the driving forces of the "next" economy: globalization, technology, demographics and the environment. The course examines the challenge of corporations competing in the global economy of the new millennium in such a way that will allow the planet to support them indefinitely. Emphasis is on the company's ability to build and sustain a competitive advantage utilizing traditional management concepts as well as new sustainability practices.

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