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Online MBA in Global Management

Diversify your repertoire of leadership skills. With an MBA in Global Management from the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University, you will develop a broad understanding of business and management across national and cultural boundaries. Through three specific courses of the Global Management specialization, you will be exposed to leadership strategies from a socio-political context, while gaining the insight you need to comprehend and compare a variety of management styles from around the world.

Earn your MBA with Global Management specialization online

When business takes you around the world, you can bring your education along with an MBA with Global Management specialization from Ashford University. Whether you stay connected with a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone, you can access important course materials at any time online. Earn your global management focused degree starting today.

What is an MBA in Global Management?

An MBA in Global Management combines a foundational Master of Business Administration curriculum with specialized study in international business strategies. A Global Management MBA includes in-depth coursework and analysis of fields essential to worldwide business success like accounting, economics, communications, marketing, organizational behavior, and operations management across national and cultural boundaries. MBA candidates who specialize in Global Management develop core competencies that qualify them for leadership and management positions in multinational companies in a number of industries.

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Global Management MBA Courses

(9 credits, each course is 3 credits)

To achieve your MBA in Global Management, you must complete these three courses of the Global Management specialization in addition to the core MBA courses.

BUS 616 International Business
This course studies the major functional business areas in a global context. Taking into consideration socio-political structural differences, the multinational corporation is investigated with applications in management, finance, marketing and operations.

BUS 606 Global Comparative Management
This course reviews management systems within their political, social, and economic environments with a global perspective. This course also emphasizes the managerial processes in a global business environment and provides a strategic assessment of the fundamental issues involved in the management of multinational corporations. Topics include comparative studies of practices of management in foreign nations and examination of the influences of culture on business operations.

BUS 693 Global Business Strategy
This course builds on leadership, business, and management concepts while integrating a comprehensive look at strategic planning and management in a global environment. The course is designed to employ case analyses, critical assessments, global market evaluations, and a comprehensive strategic planning project to lead the student to fluency in the global strategic planning process.

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