MBA in Human Resources Management

Online MBA in Human Resources Management

Elevate your administration skills to new heights. Earning an MBA in Human Resources Management from the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University is your opportunity to explore how the human resources function can thrive within organizations, while crafting a solid hiring strategy to recruit the best talent, as well as the ever-changing legal requirements that influence the HR decision-making process. Through three specific courses of the Human Resources Management specialization, you will cover training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategies in human resources management.

Earn your MBA with Human Resources Management specialization online

To help your company strive for top performance, human resources must stay up to date with the current trends and hiring processes. That is why you should earn an online human resources management focused degree while staying on the job. Ashford’s online courses and valuable mobile applications allow you to stay connected and pursue your education on your schedule. Get started today.

What is an MBA in Human Resources Management?

An MBA in Human Resources Management is a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis on administration and workforce development. Typical areas of study for an MBA in Human Resources Management include interdepartmental communication, organizational alignment, compensation theories, training and development, and the changing social, economic, and legal considerations for human resources departments within a larger organizational strategy. Coursework in compensation and performance management, business coaching, headhunting, cost-benefit analysis, and HR law prepare the next generation of human resources managers, executives, consultants, and recruiters for today’s diverse business environment.

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Human Resources Management MBA Courses

(9 credits, each course is 3 credits)

To achieve your MBA in Human Resources Management, you must complete these three courses of the Human Resources Management specialization in addition to the core MBA courses.

BUS 680 Training & Development
This course will allow the student to gain in-depth knowledge of training and performance development essential as a line manager or human resource specialist. Beginning with fundamental principles of performance, the course will focus on identifying critical factors in workplace performance and how to analyze the causes of performance problems. Additionally, this course will distinguish between training and development and will address their complimentary functions in the modern organization.

BUS 681 Compensation & Benefits
This course will allow the student to gain in-depth knowledge into compensation theories, policies, systems and practices with particular emphasis directed towards designing effective compensation programs.

BUS 692 Strategies in Human Resource Management
This course examines how to manage human resources effectively in the dynamic legal, social, and economic environment currently impacting organizations. This course will examine where human resources management is now and where it needs to be in the future of organizations. Students will learn how to develop alignment among vision, strategy, and values of organizations and the HR function. Emphasis is placed on integrating human resources management with the overall business strategy.

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