MBA in Media Management

Online MBA in Media Management

Use the media to grow your business. With an MBA in Media Management from the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University, you will develop a strategic plan for management of a media department. Through three specific courses in the Media Management specialization, you will strengthen your qualifications to manage a media team.

Earn your MBA with Media Management specialization online

As someone who wants to pursue a degree focused on media, you can earn your MBA with Media Management specialization while continuing to guide your business in a competitive market. At Ashford, mobile applications and online courses allow you to earn your online media degree on your schedule. Broadcast your skills by earning your MBA with Media Management specialization online.

What is an MBA in Media Management?

An MBA in Media Management is a Master of Business Administration with a focus on growing business through the successful implementation of various media. Media management skills consider stakeholders, markets, technological and economic drivers, and the impact of media on various cultures to grow revenues in a competitive marketplace. Building on the foundation of a Master of Business Administration with focused learning around media management topics, a Media Management MBA allows for strategic planning and effective leadership of media departments and teams in an increasingly media-reliant business world.

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Media Management MBA Courses

(9 credits, each course is 3 credits)

To achieve your MBA in Media Management, you must complete these three courses of the Media Management specialization in addition to the core MBA courses.

BUS 635 Media Markets & Systems
The course examines the various segments of the market that utilize media resources for organizational growth and communication. Examination of the components of media, stakeholders, markets available and cultures impacted by media will include assessment of technological and economic drivers that establish a congruent approach to the marketplace. 

BUS 636 Media Management & Innovation 
Utilizing the key principles of organizational management, this course will focus on the media approach in an organization and providing systematic guidelines for oversight of the institutional media team.  Creating a culture of innovation in the media team will be a strategic element in the course content. 

BUS 699 Media Strategies & Applications
The course is the capstone for the Media Management specialization that is designed to integrate media management concepts in to a strategic plan. The course is focused on building and implementing the media strategies for an integrated and comprehensive plan that is consistent with an institution’s vision and mission and follows standard strategic planning theory and practice. 

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