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Saying that this year should be the best for growth in almost a decade, some private economists are optimistic about Arizona’s future. The state has come roaring back in terms of jobs growth, a trend analysts say should continue.

The Phoenix Business Journal expects that trend to translate to 120,000 additional jobs in the Grand Canyon State over the next two years, with growth in segments such as hospitality, education and health, financial services, and business and professional services leading the way.

That forecast dovetails with projection from Wells Fargo Bank. That report dubbed Arizona a “Silicon Desert” where innovative tech companies are driving growth.

The damper on the giddy news: Arizona has proposed millions of dollars in education cuts, many of which could make it difficult for working adults in particular to earn the degrees they need to get ahead in the state’s changing economy.

Arizona Online Colleges Help Workers Prepare

So how can those without college degrees find time to earn one? Increasingly, students from cities as big as Phoenix to towns as small as Tombstone are turning to online colleges such as Ashford University to help them get ahead.

The Ashford advantages include always-on access that lets students work college around their lives instead of juggling work and family schedules to suit class meeting times.

Marketable Degrees at an Arizona Online College Such as Ashford

Ashford University offers a wide array of programs that prepare graduates to work in many of Arizona’s growth sectors. At the Forbes School of Business®, students can earn a degree in business information systems that is perfect for positions in the Silicon Desert. The school also offers a degree in service management that can be tailored to suit career goals in a variety of hospitality industry sectors.

Easy Access with Arizona Online Universities Such as Ashford

Whether they need to listen to a lecture on a long commute or cram for a test over coffee, Ashford makes it convenient for students to access what they need on the go.

Ashford Mobile lets students participate in discussion threads and get in touch with instructors from their smartphones, putting college at their fingertips all day long. For those who like larger formats, there’s the Constellation® platform that works with any computer, Android tablet, or iPad.

Best of all: Everything is stored on the cloud, allowing students to pick up where they left off no matter their last location or device.

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