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According to the Open Education Database, more Californians than ever are seeking a college education, with a 15 percent increase in overall college enrollment between 2000 and 2010. However, the increased desire for higher education in California coincides with local and state costs for college education rising year after year—making it increasingly difficult for adults to take time from work to complete degrees.

Online California Colleges & Degrees Offered

The California post-secondary school system offers a wide selection of public and private degree opportunities for students who want to study in an online program. Currently, the Open Education Database reports that more than 300 colleges in California offer higher education programs online at the certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate degree levels.

Ashford University Provides Californians with Immersive Online College Degree Solutions

Ashford University sets itself apart from other online degree programs available in California by providing an immersive, technologically focused online program. By allowing students to stay connected to their online learning in a rich way, Ashford University enhances engagement and student success.

Technology-focused learning programs at Ashford University use innovative digital tools like the Ashford Mobile application and the Constellation interactive learning platform to keep learning materials accessible for online degree students. Ashford's programs integrate specially designed student-centered features, enabling increased engagement, so students can learn better and faster through constant support.

Versatile Degree Options at Ashford University

Most adults are drawn to online college degrees in California for one of two reasons: they either want to complete a general degree program for a boost in the job market, or they want to study a specific subject in great depth. Ashford University is an ideal online education choice for either situation, offering both wide-reaching and specialized degree programs.