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These days, a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree might not be enough to gain or keep an edge in a rapidly changing world of work. That’s why many of today’s professionals are heading back to the classroom to fill the gap between basic knowledge and the skills needed to thrive in today’s economy.

According to, a business degree can open the doors to a lucrative and satisfying career in a number of fields, from financial advising to human resources. Fields such as health care also are hot as the country moves to an emphasis on self-education and preventive care.

In Georgia alone, hiring increased last year after a dip during the recession, according to, which means professionals are in demand at a range of companies.

Georgia Online Colleges Offer More Options

While there are a number of online and physical universities and colleges in Georgia, students find that Ashford University affords them the opportunity to continue their education while still continuing in their jobs; flexibility that today’s students both want and need.

Ashford an Innovation Leader among Online Colleges in Georgia

At Ashford, students can earn a range of business, education, and health-care degrees, no matter where they live or how much the travel.  Ashford’s Constellation Learning Platform lets students highlight texts, create personal digital notebooks, or listen to audiobooks from a computer or smart phone.

Ashford Mobile lets students check grades, read discussion boards and find support from their smart phone or tablet. It’s all part of Ashford’s pledge to create a technologically focused program that reflects the way today’s students live.

Ashford students sometimes can receive college credit for work and life experience or military training, allowing them to bypass the expense of paying tuition to learn topics they’ve already mastered.

Ashford among the Accredited Online Colleges in Georgia

Ashford offers a range of degree programs in business, health care, education and liberal arts. Both bachelor’s and master’s programs are available, allowing students to transition seamlessly from four-year to advanced degrees.

Though the program is online, there still are opportunities at Ashford to join student organizations, volunteer close to home, or act as a mentor.

At Ashford, students will find the tools they need to succeed in their education today, so that they can succeed in their careers tomorrow. Best of all, they can create programs as unique as they are, tailoring school to fit their lives rather than the other way around.

Georgia Students: An education degree offered through Ashford University's online modality does not lead to teacher licensure in the state of Georgia. In Georgia, an alternative route to certification is not available.