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Adults in Louisiana are actively seeking the employment and wage benefits that can come along with post-secondary education—the 1.9 million employed people in Louisiana have an annual mean wage of just over $40,000. The U.S. Census Bureau found that Louisianans with a Bachelor's degree had median earnings of $47,007 in the past 12 months (in 2013 inflation-adjusted dollars), and those with graduate/professional degrees had median earnings of $56,827 in the same time period.

However, while higher education can provide economic benefits to Louisiana workers, many people find it difficult to meet the time and geographic restrictions of traditional college and university models. The US Department of Education notes that as of 2010 less than 31% of Louisiana residents had attained an associate’s degree or higher. Almost 10% lower than the national average. For those who want to enjoy the opportunities of post-secondary education but are limited by time or location, online Louisiana colleges and universities offer a more flexible way for people to increase their wage potential.

Online Louisiana Colleges & Student Information

Whether it's due to work, family, or other life commitments, it's common for today's potential college and university students to seek the flexibility offered by online education. Online colleges in Louisiana provide students the opportunity to achieve their higher education goals—including obtaining Bachelor's degrees and graduate-level degrees, diplomas, and certificates—while maintaining their own time to fit their schedules. In Louisiana, there are many colleges and universities offering online courses in various fields, with hundreds of programs collectively offered with online components.

Online Louisiana Colleges & Military Service Information

Military service members, veterans, and their families are prime examples of those whose educational goals can be met with the unique benefits of online universities and colleges in Louisiana. While Louisiana online programs offer military service members the flexibility to continue their education while deployed, some also offer financial incentives like tuition discounts and aid that are exclusive to Armed Forces members and veterans.

Ashford University Offers Tech-Based Online Learning in Louisiana

Louisiana students looking to achieve their higher education goals in a flexible, modern way may find their best solution at Ashford University. At Ashford University, advanced technology-based learning solutions create progressive opportunities for students to succeed while learning online in Louisiana. Ashford's innovative student-centered support technologies—including the Ashford Mobile application for Android® and iPhone® devices and the Constellation® interactive course-material platform—integrate online learning into students' lives'.